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Carpool Competition in NYC

Typically Uber’s promotion(s) have included boost fares and hourly guarantees for all types of regular services (e.g., Uberx, Uberxl, UberPool, etc.); however, this incentive is only targeting UberPool trips. 
 Uber sent out this promotion to NYC drivers Sunday as an incentive to drive UberPool trips this week.  The promotional hours run from 7-9am and from 5-8pm during weekdays (Mon. – Thurs.).  Drivers must also complete at least one UberPool trip during each eligible hour, and accept 80% of trip requests too.  With this promo it’s obvious that Uber drivers aren’t accepting/completing UberPool trips regularly in this market.  Uber doesn’t want to lose market-share to competitors (e.g., Lyft, Via, etc.), and this could be the beginning of a string of UberPool incentives specifically.

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What You Can Do About Bad Ratings

Traditionally, cab drivers have been considered unfriendly.  With the advent of the “gig economy” in recent years, individuals from all walks of life have filled the role of cabbies.   Except rideshare drivers only can keep using Uber and Lyft if they avoid bad ratings.  Most drivers treat this gig like a business, which means putting yourself first.  But how will that affect your driver rating?  And why do riders give out bad ratings to drivers so capriciously? 

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The Dreaded $5 Ride

Ciao!  This post is about how to save money by not using the Uber app.  Now, as an Uber driver-partner, this sounds a bit counter-intuitive.  Still I think people need advice on the best ways to use the Uber app, and what they should avoid.  For one, the surge pricing system can greatly affect how much the cost of your ride will be.  A lot of people use Uber for short trips; however, depending on their location, the cost of these rides can typically be very low.  

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Driving Minors: Where to draw the line.


I know this issue comes up a lot with rideshare drivers. You get a ping, drive to the pick-up location, and find out that some kid needs a ride home. A couple issues arise when this situation occurs. For one, the parent(s) who arranged the trip for their child is still a paying customer. It’s technically not illegal to transport a minor (i.e., a child who falls in the age range of 6-17); however, it’s obvious the kids parents are too busy to chaperon. Read more