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Being Sick in the On-Demand Economy

J.M. here.  Being sick means I’m unable to drive to the same capacity as if I were healthy.  Which makes it tough on rideshare drivers.  So, how do rideshare drivers cope with being under the weather?  Essentially, we live off our savings until we’ve warded off the illness.  But there’s other strategies to implement that will help you beat the cold more rapidly. And get back to driving for-hire.

Many drivers are full-time participants in the on-demand rideshare gig.  Which means when we get sick, there’s literally no income for us.  I have to put in a minimum number of hours each week, no matter what.  It’s pretty serious business!  

Don’t Get Left Out in The “Cold”

Since coming down with a cold can mean a double whammy for our income, the best way to keep the money flowing in is to avoid getting sick in the first place.  If that’s not feasible, I will try to bounce back from being sick as fast as possible.

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5 Quotes That Will Help You Become A Better Person

J.M. here.  You’re already a fantastic person.  Let me just preface with that.  You’re a special snowflake; however, for rideshare drivers, being competent behind the wheel is a big part of the gig.  And with competence comes the responsibility of being a decent human being, right?  I’ve seen rideshare drivers in the news many times for indecent and scrupulous behavior.  In the spirit of the new year, it’s time to make a fresh start as opportunities are burgeoning.   Even if you haven’t made any resolutions yet, we can all try to become a better person/people.  Before you buckle up and “go online,” check out these Michael Crichton five quotes that relate to us universally as humans.  

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5 Ways to Get Ahead of The Curve

Everybody wants to get ahead, right?  Well, individuals that drive for companies like Uber and Lyft are able to advance their careers quickly by making just a few behavior changes. It doesn’t take a lot of discipline to see the positive impact that these changes will have; however, many rideshare drivers don’t realize their potential.  

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