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Even A-list Celebrities Use Ridesharing

It was a cool Sunday night, the last day of winter in fact.  I was pushing 50 hours of driving on the week, and was ready to call it a day.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend; and although I didn’t work Friday night (St. Patrick’s Day), the other nights of the weekend were dreadfully slow.  Which is always nice.  I’m in the Lower West Side, and get a ping to pick up a “Brad C.”  At the time, it didn’t strike me as anything out of the ordinary.  Just was going to pick up Brad next.  An hour or so left in my shift.

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Side-Hustle or Main Gig?

After getting my TLC license two summers ago, I’ve since adopted “rideshare driving” (which is basically giving out rides in a black car vs. a yellow cab) in New York City (NYC).  It’s become my main source of income, and hence I’m doing it full-time (40+ hours per week).  And depend completely upon the income I make doing “rideshare driving” to pay bills, pay down debt, and otherwise live.

It’s not abnormal for “rideshare drivers” in NYC to be driving full-time, because often the drivers have big overhead costs that are unique to this location.  For example, you can’t just use any old car for ridesharing in NYC.  The black car has to be registered with Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC), which requires an inspection, commercial insurance, etc.

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Being involved in a crash where nobody was injured?

As carpooling and ridesharing become more popular, the need to use private rides (e.g., UberX, Yellow cab, etc.) are likely to decrease steadily over time.  The number of rideshare trips in NYC has increased dramatically since 2014, while medallion values (of yellow cabs) have plummeted.  Similarly, the onset of carpooling as a cheaply preferred alternative for commuters will likely continue to pervade the densest of urban areas.  Therefore, the overall number of single service trips may decrease; however, the liklihood of being involved in a crash is always present.  Especially as the number of FHV cars goes up.  

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Carpool competition means staying afloat with shared rides.

Carpool Competition: Things are getting interesting in NYC

The morning commute is prime for commuters to find a quick and accessible ride, for cheap.  Most, if not all, rideshare apps offer a carpooling service to specifically target this niche service.  Which means the carpool competition in NYC is becoming stiffer. 

So, to get drivers on board with driving carpool rides, transportation network companies (TNCs) have typically offered big incentives to us. This post dives into which apps’ services are better (for both drivers and passengers), and why.  Specifically, I’m examining some new promotions being offered to drivers as carpool competition continues to result in lucrative incentives.  And the downsides of committing to doing carpool trips. Read more

The nice rideshare driver finishes last

Maintaining great ratings isn’t hard to do, and most drivers don’t seem to experience much trouble staying active.  Despite this, drivers do get deactivated by transportation network companies (TNCs) for falling below the required standards (i.e., having a rating below 4.6 for Lyft, and 4.5 for Uber).  This post isn’t geared to getting out of a falling rating rut.  Instead, I’m focusing on why the nice rideshare driver may have more of an advantage than their grumpy, cold, and/or aloof counterparts.  Let’s dig in! Read more

Why Are Millennials Rideshare Driving?

In the past few years, on-demand transportation modes have become increasingly more popular.  And Millennials rideshare driving have been powering these technologies, acting both as consumers and workers.  According to the Young Invincibles, an estimated 23 million young adults fall between the ages 18 – 34.  These young people make up the bulk of the on-demand economy workforce¹ ( check out the .pdf attached here); however, we Millennials are making less than the generation before us on average.

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New Year’s Eve Guide (Updated)

J.M. here.  I’ve come across some additional resources to provide rideshare drivers in their preparation for the big night.  This post seems to be attracting a lot of attention, which is great!  NYE is only two days away, and at this point drivers are anticipating to be very busy.  Read on for the full post with updated information on how to approach this inevitable income bump.

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5 Ways to Get Ahead of The Curve

Everybody wants to get ahead, right?  Well, individuals that drive for companies like Uber and Lyft are able to advance their careers quickly by making just a few behavior changes. It doesn’t take a lot of discipline to see the positive impact that these changes will have; however, many rideshare drivers don’t realize their potential.  

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The Friendliness of Ridesharing

There are two stances towards ridesharing, related to the overall safety involved in taking an e-hailed trip.  One is that it’s generally regarded as a safe and reliable service, which is supported by the millions of rides taken every year without incident.   The other stance, particularly held by officiating branches of city governments, is that this relatively fledgling service is untrustworthy. Read more

Carpool Competition in NYC

Typically Uber’s promotion(s) have included boost fares and hourly guarantees for all types of regular services (e.g., Uberx, Uberxl, UberPool, etc.); however, this incentive is only targeting UberPool trips. 
 Uber sent out this promotion to NYC drivers Sunday as an incentive to drive UberPool trips this week.  The promotional hours run from 7-9am and from 5-8pm during weekdays (Mon. – Thurs.).  Drivers must also complete at least one UberPool trip during each eligible hour, and accept 80% of trip requests too.  With this promo it’s obvious that Uber drivers aren’t accepting/completing UberPool trips regularly in this market.  Uber doesn’t want to lose market-share to competitors (e.g., Lyft, Via, etc.), and this could be the beginning of a string of UberPool incentives specifically.

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