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Getting De-Activated From Rideshare Driving

Well, it finally happened. I was  (temporarily) given the boot from Via for infringing their Zero-Tolerance Policy . The truth is that I don’t really know why they’ve denied me access to their system; however, I do have a hypothesis. The message came late Saturday night, an e-mail and text messages, simultaneously alerting me to the issue.  The texts alluded to a rider discrepancy, which the Via team took action on by shutting off my account.  In the past week I haven’t had any arguments (some conversations, but never yelling at or with pax), physical or verbal altercations, nor was I involved in any driving incidents…….  EXCEPT for clipping a pedestrian with my mirror….  when he crossed during a full-red light.

So yeah, that will do the trick.

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My Taxes from Rideshare Driving in 2016

Last year I was working full-time, rideshare driving in NYC.  As an Independent Contractor (IC), you’d suspect that my taxes on the year amounted to incredulous amounts.  Rideshare drivers are considered independent contractors.  And all ICs are subjected to paying taxes, because nothing is withheld from our income.  That is, all of the income we receive from the Transportation Network Company (TNC) that we work with is taxable.

For people who don’t realize that ICs are responsible for paying taxes on their income; the first time filing their taxes can be quite a shocker.  Especially if: a). you’re filing for the first time as a rideshare driver and 2). are unprepared and don’t know the right way to file. Read more

Ridesharing in NYC like never before imagined.

Navigating Via’s Overnight Service

In the NYC rideshare driving market, most transportation network companies (TNC) operate 24/7; however, Via only runs during specified times of the day and week.  Now the TNC has expanded, and Via’s overnight service has quickly caught on among passengers (i.e., pax).   Although not without some confusion and mixed emotions regarding the performance expectations of the platform. Read more