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Carpool Competition in NYC

Typically Uber’s promotion(s) have included boost fares and hourly guarantees for all types of regular services (e.g., Uberx, Uberxl, UberPool, etc.); however, this incentive is only targeting UberPool trips. 
 Uber sent out this promotion to NYC drivers Sunday as an incentive to drive UberPool trips this week.  The promotional hours run from 7-9am and from 5-8pm during weekdays (Mon. – Thurs.).  Drivers must also complete at least one UberPool trip during each eligible hour, and accept 80% of trip requests too.  With this promo it’s obvious that Uber drivers aren’t accepting/completing UberPool trips regularly in this market.  Uber doesn’t want to lose market-share to competitors (e.g., Lyft, Via, etc.), and this could be the beginning of a string of UberPool incentives specifically.

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I’m Leaving Uber

Hi there, Rideshare Lovers!  I’ve never been happier writing a blog post before, and from the title you can guess why.  A lot of my past articles have been “talking up” how great Uber is.  All that is about to change, as this week I discovered a better way to work.  I also completed the required three-day course to renew my TLC license; however, that’s a whole different topic in itself.  

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