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Lessons Of The Streets (LOTS)

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside again, the mean streets of NYC prove to be quite the chaotic battleground.  This week, my dashcam has been snappin’ up all kinds of interesting goings-ons; from taxis running red lights, to ambulances everywhere, and some good ol’ fashioned road rage.  So here’s the highlights from my week.  Chock full of juicy little tidbits, which may provide you dear reader with some valuable insight into the whole ridesharing gig.  If you so choose to partake in viewing these gems.

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Get Moving Asap Please

Being a rideshare driver that operates primarily in NYC, I’m constantly on the move.  So, the last thing I need to be told by anyone is to get moving. In fact there’s little to no stopping during a routine shift, unless I’m stuck in traffic.  “Get moving asap please” was a message I received by the operations team that coordinates driver/rider transactions with Via.

I was sitting a red light when the

y/he/she, whomever it was, decided that my cell phone GPS (and therefore my surrounding vehicle) had been stagnate for too long;  and some instruction was needed to prompt me back into service.  So far I’ve rarely received instruction from Via’s ops’ team.  But for whatever reason they felt the need to verbally intervene with the idle, vehicle-shaped blip, that obviously is being monitored from behind the curtain. Read more

Oh The People You’ll Meet

One of the cool aspects of working in New York City (as compared to the suburbs) is all the interesting people that I interact with on the daily.  Most pax stick to the informal script when I show up to transport them:  

  • Confirm the ride is there for them.
  • Figure out where to sit, and how to use the automatic door.
  • Bury their face into their smartphone until they’ve arrived at their destination.

Occasionally I’ll get pax who chat me up about rideshare driving, which I don’t mind.  But frequently they more or less conform to the aforementioned behavior.  It’s almost like clockwork sometimes actually. Read more