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The nice rideshare driver finishes last

Maintaining great ratings isn’t hard to do, and most drivers don’t seem to experience much trouble staying active.  Despite this, drivers do get deactivated by transportation network companies (TNCs) for falling below the required standards (i.e., having a rating below 4.6 for Lyft, and 4.5 for Uber).  This post isn’t geared to getting out of a falling rating rut.  Instead, I’m focusing on why the nice rideshare driver may have more of an advantage than their grumpy, cold, and/or aloof counterparts.  Let’s dig in! Read more

The gal is curious about how to beat the markets.

Rude Passengers: How to Deal With Them

When people get into your car, they sometimes undergo a transformation from stranger to close pal.  I never know how much, or how little, people will engage in discourse with me.  But I’m typically open to volleying up some conversation, unless it’s with rude passengers.  Which inevitably happens over the stretch of rideshare driving, sooner or later.

Dealing with rude passengers is not the easiest thing to do.  Especially while I’m focused on driving, and the million other distractions around me in NYC.  Oh, and don’t go thinking that New Yorkers are used to people being rude.  Here we have a special kind of rude passengers.  The kind that will intentionally try to knock you down with their vitriol.  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here’s a few examples of the unpleasant behavior that I’ve encountered: Read more