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A Stitch In (Free) Time Saves Nine

What if it were possible for anyone to save $1,000,000?  Would you want to know how?  Maybe that sounds a little far fetched.  How about the notion that anybody can save $100,000?  Are you interested now?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  What if I said that it’s possible for both you and I to save $10,000?  Now I bet your ears perked up.  And finally, let’s both agree that it’s possible for almost anyone to save a cool $1k?  Uh-huh.  You’re totally on board with it?  Cool.  Because what most people don’t realize is that the process for saving either $1k or $1M is essentially identical.

It’s just a matter of the degree to which we’re saving money that determines how much we’re able to bank.  Let’s look at it another way:  Imagine that suddenly it were possible for human beings to forgo the need to sleep ever again.  Drink a magic elixir, and you’re devoid of needing any resting period longer than one hour per day.  That means the extra eight hours of daytime (or night-time rather)  could be put to use towards more productive means.  You might work an extra six hours each day, and put the other two hours towards practicing an instrument, for example. Read more

Why I’m Grateful For What I Have

J.M. here.  I’ve heard stories of college graduates from Ivy-league institutions working at Starbucks for beer money.  Over the holidays I spent time traveling to North Salem, NY visiting my wife’s side of the family.  And discovered a similar story, pertaining to new doctorates who were having difficulty finding employment.  I was certainly surprised, to say the least.

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A Day in City Life


Hola!  I’m thankful now to have a steady job, and a roof over my head.  I watched “Living on a Dollar” on Netflix last week.  It’s a mini-documentary about four college kids living in Guatemala with a $1 allowance per day.  Nothing particularly scientific; however, it was a cool experiment to watch!  If only we all could adapt this mentality of treasuring the almighty dollar to the degree that the impoverished and forgotten members of society do.  Hence, my attitude of gratitude this week.

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