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Crazy Traffic In The City

This week had some of the most traffic I’ve ever felt.  So crazy that I had to evacuate from the city before being consumed by the sea of cars.  People were getting run over by trucks.  Horns were blaring in a symphony of noise.  But amongst all of the chaos, I still managed to find some respite.  And found some beauty in the night-time city skyline.  Check it out in my dashcam round-up below.

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Superbowl Sunday: Worth the Effort?

J.M. here.  Working on Superbowl Sunday is influenced by a myriad of factors.  These include: which market you’re driving in, whether you’re positioned to take advantage of surge/demand, and how much you drive (i.e., part-time vs. full-time).  

After going back over all of my income statements for 2016, I’ve discovered that some payouts during the month of January were bigger than during other months of the year.   Which is no surprise if you consider the huge spike in demand during New Year’s Eve (NYE).   Driving on NYE can be a great way to take advantage of income potential; however, outside of this holiday blitz, winter months are typically slower than the rest of the year.  That’s why drivers should pounce on Superbowl Sunday when it rolls around.  Because this day often means a lot of parties, drinking, and the inevitable ride home via ridesharing. 


Here’s my account of working on Superbowl Sunday, and some of the pros and cons associated with sacrificing fun for the hustle.


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