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The Friendliness of Ridesharing

There are two stances towards ridesharing, related to the overall safety involved in taking an e-hailed trip.  One is that it’s generally regarded as a safe and reliable service, which is supported by the millions of rides taken every year without incident.   The other stance, particularly held by officiating branches of city governments, is that this relatively fledgling service is untrustworthy. Read more

I’m Leaving Uber

Hi there, Rideshare Lovers!  I’ve never been happier writing a blog post before, and from the title you can guess why.  A lot of my past articles have been “talking up” how great Uber is.  All that is about to change, as this week I discovered a better way to work.  I also completed the required three-day course to renew my TLC license; however, that’s a whole different topic in itself.  

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