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Crazy Traffic In The City

This week had some of the most traffic I’ve ever felt.  So crazy that I had to evacuate from the city before being consumed by the sea of cars.  People were getting run over by trucks.  Horns were blaring in a symphony of noise.  But amongst all of the chaos, I still managed to find some respite.  And found some beauty in the night-time city skyline.  Check it out in my dashcam round-up below.

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Being involved in a crash where nobody was injured?

As carpooling and ridesharing become more popular, the need to use private rides (e.g., UberX, Yellow cab, etc.) are likely to decrease steadily over time.  The number of rideshare trips in NYC has increased dramatically since 2014, while medallion values (of yellow cabs) have plummeted.  Similarly, the onset of carpooling as a cheaply preferred alternative for commuters will likely continue to pervade the densest of urban areas.  Therefore, the overall number of single service trips may decrease; however, the liklihood of being involved in a crash is always present.  Especially as the number of FHV cars goes up.  

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