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How to Setup Your Budget Effectively

J.M. here.  As I get into the year more, I’m constantly thinking about making a budget that will stick.  And subsequently, in my next Friday financial installment, wrote this money savings article associated with my new budget.  It’s not easy budgeting for future expenses, especially when spending temptations are so abundant.  Check out this very basic budget plan for starters on where to begin.

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Personal Finance Friday

I’m starting a new series on Rideshare Love that will devote one Friday a month to discussing the personal finance world.  Dealing with finances for a rideshare driver is an inevitable.  Saving money is something that’s naturally difficult to do, and even harder when you have lingering debt to payoff.  Most people justify spending money on purchases, both great and small, and ignore their spending behaviors with credit cards.  I know we all could use a bit more saved up.  But where to even start?  Well, let’s start with the basics.

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