FREE Service => Debitize

Turn your credit cards into debit cards, and still earn reward points using them.  Link credit card accounts and your checking account, Debitize will automatically pay off new balances.  Get up and running in 15 minutes, with $10 credit using my exclusive link.  Stop carrying balances around, and never pay ridiculously-high interest rates again.

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Chase Freedom Card

After spending $500 within the first three months of receiving my Chase Freedom card, I was awarded with 15,000 bonus points (which is equal to $150).  Apply for your own card here.   So, after putting $500 worth of gas on this card, I was awarded with $150.  Which is like saving %30 off each fill-up!  There are some other great perks associated with this card too:

  • $150 Bonus after spending $500 within the first three months.
  • 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in combined purchases of rotating categories.
  • New 5% categories every 3 months (each quarter).
  • Unlimited 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • No annual fee.

Thinking of starting a blog?  Get 50% off hosting and a free domain name through my exclusive link with Bluehost.  Regarded as having the best customer service on the web, and super affordable plans for the novice blogger.  Everything you need to get started creating your own blog/website.



Get the best tax advantage possible with QuickBooks app, @ 50% off!

Track mileage, deduct everyday expenses automatically.  Even allows me to take pictures of receipts to upload expenses.  Maximize your tax deductions.  Get and stay organized, it’s all in the QuickBooks dashboard.


I recently investing in a dashcam myself; however, wasn’t happy with it’s performance. Instead, I return the $120 dashcam and got a Nexar for free.  Get your free Nexar dashcam, which uses an iPhone camera for ultimate clarity and high-quality video footage, through my exlusive link.  Did I mention it’s free?

The world's first AI dashcam app.
The world’s first AI dashcam app.


New driver-partners are making anywhere from $200 – $500 when they start driving with Via, and log at least 30 hours.  After logging 60 hours, new drivers are eligible for even higher bonuses.  They’re now accepting more cars varieties than ever too, sedan drivers can make up to $300/day while promotions last (and they do last awhile!).  Check out Via man, and you’ll be eligible for their sign-up bonus with my referral link.


Sherpashare — an essential mileage tracker to have.  I’ve mentioned this company before in my post about what it’s like being an Independent Contractor (IC).  Basically, every time you’re going fast enough for the app to detect motion (e.g., being in a car), the app records your trip.   You then will have the ability to categorize whether the trip was for “personal” or for “work.”  Trips categorized as work count towards mileage that you can deduct from your 1099 during taxes.          sherpashare 1.3                                     

  StrideDrive  —    another mileage tracker app, which helps rideshare drivers save money on taxes.  It’ll automatically record all of the tax deductible mileage you drive for either Uber, Lyft, or any other TNC.  You can also add other work-related expenses manually, similar to Sherpshare’s app.  It requires an initial activation prior to beginning your shift, but otherwise runs in the background as long as your phone is powered.  Their mileage tracker app is worthwhile; however, the health insurance offered by this company tends to be pricey.