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Get Moving Asap Please

Being a rideshare driver that operates primarily in NYC, I’m constantly on the move.  So, the last thing I need to be told by anyone is to get moving. In fact there’s little to no stopping during a routine shift, unless I’m stuck in traffic.  “Get moving asap please” was a message I received by the operations team that coordinates driver/rider transactions with Via.

I was sitting a red light when the

y/he/she, whomever it was, decided that my cell phone GPS (and therefore my surrounding vehicle) had been stagnate for too long;  and some instruction was needed to prompt me back into service.  So far I’ve rarely received instruction from Via’s ops’ team.  But for whatever reason they felt the need to verbally intervene with the idle, vehicle-shaped blip, that obviously is being monitored from behind the curtain. Read more

Weekend Rideshare Driving: Worth It?

My typical work schedule is M – F and either Sat. or Sun.  Because I need at least one day off a week to rest.  I’ve tried working seven days/week before, and it’s no fun.  It is helpful for chipping away at credit card debt though.  But isn’t very enjoyable otherwise.  Occasionally, a weekday is designated as an off-day too.  As there’s a buildup of non-work related tasks that tend to accumulate when I’m working overtime.  

But this past weekend I struck a harmonious balance between work and play.  And for really the first time was able to fit everything that I’d planned on doing in.  Typically when friends or a family member requests to spend time together, it’s a decision between doing that OR rideshare driving (which is an avenue for directly making money).   Read more

Ridesharing in NYC like never before imagined.

Navigating Via’s Overnight Service

In the NYC rideshare driving market, most transportation network companies (TNC) operate 24/7; however, Via only runs during specified times of the day and week.  Now the TNC has expanded, and Via’s overnight service has quickly caught on among passengers (i.e., pax).   Although not without some confusion and mixed emotions regarding the performance expectations of the platform. Read more

Carpool Competition in NYC

Typically Uber’s promotion(s) have included boost fares and hourly guarantees for all types of regular services (e.g., Uberx, Uberxl, UberPool, etc.); however, this incentive is only targeting UberPool trips. 
 Uber sent out this promotion to NYC drivers Sunday as an incentive to drive UberPool trips this week.  The promotional hours run from 7-9am and from 5-8pm during weekdays (Mon. – Thurs.).  Drivers must also complete at least one UberPool trip during each eligible hour, and accept 80% of trip requests too.  With this promo it’s obvious that Uber drivers aren’t accepting/completing UberPool trips regularly in this market.  Uber doesn’t want to lose market-share to competitors (e.g., Lyft, Via, etc.), and this could be the beginning of a string of UberPool incentives specifically.

Read more