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It’s Like Bringing McDonald’s to A Steakhouse

What a lovely metaphor that I came up with.  What does it apply to you may be asking?  Well, if you’re reading this blog the only hint I can give away is: it’s in the title!  Haha.  So, I’ve been focusing on competition between the rideshare apps lately, and this line refers to something that one of my pax said.  I’m not here to herald one app while bashing another; just trying to provide some raw insight into what rideshare drivers experience in the New York City market.

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Ridesharing in NYC like never before imagined.

Navigating Via’s Overnight Service

In the NYC rideshare driving market, most transportation network companies (TNC) operate 24/7; however, Via only runs during specified times of the day and week.  Now the TNC has expanded, and Via’s overnight service has quickly caught on among passengers (i.e., pax).   Although not without some confusion and mixed emotions regarding the performance expectations of the platform. Read more

Will Uber Resort to Using In-App Ads?

Transportation Network Companies haven’t exactly been profitable for some time, and recent reports estimate the operating losses trend to continue. Many apps monetize their product by implementing in-app ads. You know, those pesky little pop-up windows with various advertisements of offers and/or services? Typically users have the option to go “ad free” by purchasing a premium version of the app. Upgrading removes the ads, so you can enjoy the product hassle-free. Read more

What You Can Do About Bad Ratings

Traditionally, cab drivers have been considered unfriendly.  With the advent of the “gig economy” in recent years, individuals from all walks of life have filled the role of cabbies.   Except rideshare drivers only can keep using Uber and Lyft if they avoid bad ratings.  Most drivers treat this gig like a business, which means putting yourself first.  But how will that affect your driver rating?  And why do riders give out bad ratings to drivers so capriciously? 

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