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In Remembrance Of Those Who Sacrificed

Before the relaxation and contentedness from Memorial Day Weekend (MDW) completely fades, take a moment to appreciate the meaning of the holiday.  Traditionally, the last day of May is devoted to honoring and remembering both men and woman who died in military service.  It’s also the unofficial kick-off of summer in America.  Which means that beaches will now be life-guarded, and typically start charging admission.

Although I’ve had family members who served in the military, and fought during WWII (my grandpa on my mother’s side); there aren’t any immediate family members serving in the active military.  And fortunately, most of the people in my network were unscathed when terrorists attacked New York City (NYC) on September 11th, 2001.  What all this can be filtered down to is the following:  service brings honor.  Whether that’s military service, growing a business that serves the community, or the blessed men and women who don some kind of uniform for work each day. Read more

It’s Like Bringing McDonald’s to A Steakhouse

What a lovely metaphor that I came up with.  What does it apply to you may be asking?  Well, if you’re reading this blog the only hint I can give away is: it’s in the title!  Haha.  So, I’ve been focusing on competition between the rideshare apps lately, and this line refers to something that one of my pax said.  I’m not here to herald one app while bashing another; just trying to provide some raw insight into what rideshare drivers experience in the New York City market.

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Lessons Of The Streets (LOTS)

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside again, the mean streets of NYC prove to be quite the chaotic battleground.  This week, my dashcam has been snappin’ up all kinds of interesting goings-ons; from taxis running red lights, to ambulances everywhere, and some good ol’ fashioned road rage.  So here’s the highlights from my week.  Chock full of juicy little tidbits, which may provide you dear reader with some valuable insight into the whole ridesharing gig.  If you so choose to partake in viewing these gems.

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Oh The People You’ll Meet

One of the cool aspects of working in New York City (as compared to the suburbs) is all the interesting people that I interact with on the daily.  Most pax stick to the informal script when I show up to transport them:  

  • Confirm the ride is there for them.
  • Figure out where to sit, and how to use the automatic door.
  • Bury their face into their smartphone until they’ve arrived at their destination.

Occasionally I’ll get pax who chat me up about rideshare driving, which I don’t mind.  But frequently they more or less conform to the aforementioned behavior.  It’s almost like clockwork sometimes actually. Read more