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Get Moving Asap Please

Being a rideshare driver that operates primarily in NYC, I’m constantly on the move.  So, the last thing I need to be told by anyone is to get moving. In fact there’s little to no stopping during a routine shift, unless I’m stuck in traffic.  “Get moving asap please” was a message I received by the operations team that coordinates driver/rider transactions with Via.

I was sitting a red light when the

y/he/she, whomever it was, decided that my cell phone GPS (and therefore my surrounding vehicle) had been stagnate for too long;  and some instruction was needed to prompt me back into service.  So far I’ve rarely received instruction from Via’s ops’ team.  But for whatever reason they felt the need to verbally intervene with the idle, vehicle-shaped blip, that obviously is being monitored from behind the curtain. Read more

Why Are Millennials Rideshare Driving?

In the past few years, on-demand transportation modes have become increasingly more popular.  And Millennials rideshare driving have been powering these technologies, acting both as consumers and workers.  According to the Young Invincibles, an estimated 23 million young adults fall between the ages 18 – 34.  These young people make up the bulk of the on-demand economy workforce¹ ( check out the .pdf attached here); however, we Millennials are making less than the generation before us on average.

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