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Getting De-Activated From Rideshare Driving

Well, it finally happened. I was  (temporarily) given the boot from Via for infringing their Zero-Tolerance Policy . The truth is that I don’t really know why they’ve denied me access to their system; however, I do have a hypothesis. The message came late Saturday night, an e-mail and text messages, simultaneously alerting me to the issue.  The texts alluded to a rider discrepancy, which the Via team took action on by shutting off my account.  In the past week I haven’t had any arguments (some conversations, but never yelling at or with pax), physical or verbal altercations, nor was I involved in any driving incidents…….  EXCEPT for clipping a pedestrian with my mirror….  when he crossed during a full-red light.

So yeah, that will do the trick.

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Being Sick in the On-Demand Economy

J.M. here.  Being sick means I’m unable to drive to the same capacity as if I were healthy.  Which makes it tough on rideshare drivers.  So, how do rideshare drivers cope with being under the weather?  Essentially, we live off our savings until we’ve warded off the illness.  But there’s other strategies to implement that will help you beat the cold more rapidly. And get back to driving for-hire.

Many drivers are full-time participants in the on-demand rideshare gig.  Which means when we get sick, there’s literally no income for us.  I have to put in a minimum number of hours each week, no matter what.  It’s pretty serious business!  

Don’t Get Left Out in The “Cold”

Since coming down with a cold can mean a double whammy for our income, the best way to keep the money flowing in is to avoid getting sick in the first place.  If that’s not feasible, I will try to bounce back from being sick as fast as possible.

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Why I’m Grateful For What I Have

J.M. here.  I’ve heard stories of college graduates from Ivy-league institutions working at Starbucks for beer money.  Over the holidays I spent time traveling to North Salem, NY visiting my wife’s side of the family.  And discovered a similar story, pertaining to new doctorates who were having difficulty finding employment.  I was certainly surprised, to say the least.

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