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Book Review: A Guide To The Good Life

Just finished reading this book, by philosopher and professor William B. Irvine, and feel the need to put a little review up.  The blog’s central motif is making a living via rideshare driving; however, A Guide To The Good Life (AGGL) has really provided a new mental framework.  And it’s principles echo much of the frugality, financial habits, relationships with money, etc. that having a good life require imho.

So let’s get into it.

Stoicism defined

The ancient philosophers of Greece and Rome were divided into several camps or “schools” of thought.  Indeed, Aristotle’s academy was perhaps the most prototypical of these schools, as depicted in famous pieces of art that have survived to this day.  Other options for the intellectually curious included Socrates’ lifestyle, or Cynic school; which rebuffed the philosophical theorizing typical of Aristotle’s camp.  And instead preached the notion that living a good life should be one’s main focus. Read more