My fascination with transportation recently became paramount while visiting the Philippines to be married to my present wife.  A career-change was prompted at that time as well, due to some life circumstances.  Initially, I started driving with Uber, and did so for about year 15 months. Now, I work with various rideshare platforms in New York City, and discuss what that means and how it affects me personally in this website.

I turned my wheels into a cash machine.
I turned my wheels into a cash machine.

I’ve come a long way since first getting my driver’s license, as most people do.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  And I started with my grandma’s hand-me-down car.  My first car was a 1983 Buick Regal, aka “the blue boat”.  I remember having to pick up my prom date in high school with that beast.  Ahh, the gold ol’ days.  This car lasted forever though.  And I even drove it down to Carrsboro, NC and back from NJ.  That was an extremely bold move, becuase the car was as old I as I was at the time.  But we made it down OK.  And back.  In fact, that car even lasted until my family traded it in for a Jeep for my brother.  They just don’t make them like they used to I guess.  regal 1.0

In college, I upgraded to a 2001 Ford Taurus that my parents bought for me from a used car dealership.  It was a great ride; however, I was involved in a crash not five miles from my house, which caused irreparable damage to it.  So it was back to hand-me-downs, this time another 2005 Ford Taurus that was from my mom.  Because she had always dreamed of owning a hybrid, and was finally getting one.  This car stuck around for awhile, and I applied to be an Uber driver with it. 

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The Taurus became the real money-making machine.  I was making some pretty good money doing rideshare driving, and hardly had any expenses except for gas and tolls.  That’s the key to really making bank with this gig; and can personally attest that buying a new car is one of the biggest wastes of money anyone can make.  Ever.  

In April of 2015 I put a down-payment on a new car, a 2015 Ford Fusion.   I really wish I’d consulted other blogs’ communities, or within the forum of drivers beforehand.  Because I could’ve saved myself a tremendous amount of detriment to my personal finances.  But that’s life.  People make mistakes, and grow, and get wise.  And so, Rideshare Love was born to ideally prevent other folks from making those same terrible mistakes that I have.  If just one other person happens to come across my blog, read some of the stuff here, and choose a better path for themselves; I would consider all the effort I put into launching this website worthwhile.  

Maybe that person is you.  I hope it is.  But if you don’t feel that I have anything to offer, and your situation is humming along nicely without any outside pearls of intervening wisdom?  Good for you.  That’s fantastical.  Either way I know, being a human being myself, that individuals are constantly seeking Treat this website as a resource of information.advice from the “been there done thats” of the world.  Not that I’m one such person; however, I have obviously traversed my own path.  And can relate on very basic, rule-based, rudimentary way that the system is made to be gamed.

This was a long tangent from my story of past vehicle ownership.  What I’m hoping is that you’ll find a great resource, or companion, to your own small business ventures.  And by potentially reading this block, perhaps avoid some of the pitfalls that rideshare driving in NYC inevitably is intertwined with. Because honestly, being a rideshare driver means developing and managing your own small business; however, you don’t have to do it alone.

Read more about me in this cool interview I did last summer with Asbury Park Press online.

Since April of 2015, I’ve been stuck driving around the Ford Fusion.  And was using it for rideshare driving in NJ.  That’s her pictured to the left there.  A really nice car? Yes.  A really bad financial Beautiful mistake.mistake?  Yes.  Can I just turn around and give it back to the dealership yet? No. Ugh!  When I finally transitioned into doing rideshare driving in NYC, the Fusion just sat in my driveway for months on end.  Essentially, there was no reason to buy this thing.  But all hope is not lost; because I’m currently renting it out to make some additional income.  So in some strange way, I’m renting a car to do rideshare driving with in NYC.  Leasing this Fusion through Ford, and paying double lease payments with a gig that tops out at $30/hour.  To say that things could be going better is an extreme understatement.  Think that I’ll just leave it at that.  It feels like I’m in a hole, so this is where I stop digging.  And let you poke around the website a bit, if if suites your fancy.  To answer the original question, No you can’t just use any ol’ car to do rideshare driving in NYC.  In NJ, yes.  In NYC, no.  Don’t buy a car to use for this gig in either situation, unless you’re planning on going through the TLC plating route?

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