Spectators can use this viewer on top of Rockefeller Center to get a better look at the Empire State Building and south Manhattan, NY, USA.

Scenic Vistas At Night

This week’s dashcam clips are here.  I’ve curated three of the most noteworthy 40s clips from my dashcam to discuss, and to share in this week’s post.  The theme for this week is scenic vistas.  As I had the opportunity to actually get out of my ridesharing vehicle, and take in the beautiful city skyline.  Sometimes driving around Manhattan for eight hours / day, I’ll lose sight of the “forest through the trees” as it were.  So it was nice to take a break and snap some (in my opinion) cool video.  It’s something that I should probably do more often in fact.

If you don’t know what you’re looking at, this is mid-town Manhattan from waterfront Brooklyn.  So i’m East of the city in this situation.  You can just barely see the Freedom Tower quickly, way down towards lower Manhattan at one point.  Then suddenly two people emerged from nowhere.  NYC is full of little surprises and quirks, like that random staircase!

Staying within the scenic vista theme, I took a video clip going around the 96th Street jug-handle that leads onto the West-side Highway Southbound.  There’s a very brief moment that the nose of my van is pointed directly at the horizon.  And it makes for a rather pleasant sunset, during the right time of day.  Here’s my “drive-by” snapshot of the Hudson river, West of Manhattan.

I can just briefly catch what looks like the Palisades of New Jersey across the way; before I’m forced to avoid a parked school bus in the road.

So far we have a night clip, a day clip, and here’s another night clip of me stopped at a curb waiting for a pax.  This was captured at 2nd Avenue, uptown.  And goes to show that sometimes waiting can be the hardest part of the gig.  Thankfully traffic was moving, so I didn’t have a million horns honking at me to move.  There were some over sized tractor tailors that sped past, that I’m glad weren’t impeded by me being stopped at the corner.  Again, the pickup and dropoff are the trickiest parts of rideshare driving in NYC.  So this video clip shows you what it’s like sometimes, when making a pickup.

And there you have it.  Just wanted to point out how 40s can feel like 10 min. while waiting on somebody to find my vehicle!  But I digress.  Besides, if that’s the biggest concern that I have about my rideshare shift, then that’s a good day!