Crazy Traffic In The City

This week had some of the most traffic I’ve ever felt.  So crazy that I had to evacuate from the city before being consumed by the sea of cars.  People were getting run over by trucks.  Horns were blaring in a symphony of noise.  But amongst all of the chaos, I still managed to find some respite.  And found some beauty in the night-time city skyline.  Check it out in my dashcam round-up below.

The last thing I ever want to witness is someone being struck by a vehicle; however, this week I caught a biker getting knocked down by some jerk in a hurry.  Typical.  Watch as the Duane Reade truck obscures a smaller truck, which lurches into the intersection at the perfectly wrong time.  Good thing his reflexes were sharp; otherwise the unsuspecting biker would’ve been flattened along with his bike’s front wheel.  Yikes!

Just caught the incident from the corner of my dashcam.  It’s not on tape, but the biker did get up momentarily.  And he and the truck-driver definitely got into it a little bit.  What a jerk.

This incident hadn’t even occurred during heavy traffic.  It’s difficult to predict when incidents like this may occur; so the best thing to do is just drive slowly.  If you’re able to move at all.  In the following clip, I’m leaving the city on Sat. afternoon after having put in a few hours doing rideshare driving.

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Perfect timing too, because the traffic flowing into the city was getting outrageous.  Just look at how many cars were sitting in the tunnel!  That’s when you know that earnings’ are going to be tough; as the higher volume of cars on the road, the more difficult it is to do well rideshare driving.  Take a look:

Booking’ it back to NJ right here!  All you suckers can enjoy sitting in mind-numbing traffic all evening.  Fine by me!  I love how it seems like I’m going 75mph too, despite that I’m actually going the tunnel speed limit (~40mph).   Maybe a few mph over that, but that’s it really.

Finally, as I’m frequently finding myself in the outer boroughs more and more, I managed to capture some awesome Empire State Building (ESB) tape.  Just love how it looks all light up each night, especially the signature white against a cloudy background.  As seen in this clip.

Pretty cool?  The flow of traffic at night is definitely one of the advantages to working night.  It’s nice to be able to get where you need to go.  That’s probably the understatement of the century in NYC too.  Haha.  But anyways, there it is.  The needle of the ESB looks like it’s almost poking the sky.  And if you look closely, you’ll see tiny little flashes going off from the observation deck.  As people are undoubtedly taking advantage of the warm weather to adventure atop the ESB’s observatory.


Okay, maybe one more.  There inevitably comes a time of day/night when I’m able to extricate myself from the city’s madness.  It’s on the commute home that I often will encounter the most fatigue.  Because there’s no more noise, no conversations with pax, and just the smooth rumble of my engine.  There are sometimes occasions where I’m forced to pull of and sneak in a little snooze, before finishing the commute home.  Otherwise I’m liable to nod off behind the wheel; and that could mean big trouble.  So enjoy this last peaceful clip of the dying sun-rays of the day, as I try to keep up with them heading west.

I’ve seen this same sunset many times over the decades; however, every time it’s just as special.  There’s something about the NJ sunset that makes you crave the warmth and comfort of shelter.  That could perhaps be said about any sunset.  But assuredly, the city sunset is no different.

Featured image, “Central Park” courtesy of The Met online collection.  By Maurice Brazil Prendergast (American, St. John’s, Newfoundland 1858–1924 New York)