Lessons Of The Streets (LOTS)

Just when I thought it was safe to go outside again, the mean streets of NYC prove to be quite the chaotic battleground.  This week, my dashcam has been snappin’ up all kinds of interesting goings-ons; from taxis running red lights, to ambulances everywhere, and some good ol’ fashioned road rage.  So here’s the highlights from my week.  Chock full of juicy little tidbits, which may provide you dear reader with some valuable insight into the whole ridesharing gig.  If you so choose to partake in viewing these gems.

The first video in our lineup is nothing more than an army of ambulances.  Forgive me for saying this, but I thought it was 9/11 all over again!  Then there was one coming towards me, which forced me to push through the intersection at a red light.  When I’m sitting at a red light, and an ambulance needs to pass through, I’m going through the red.  And it’s probably one of the only times that I’ll do that.  So, it’s a little bit fun actually.  The white sedan in front of me fortunately went through the intersection before I did, allowing the ambulance to pass on our side.

Next up in the lineup is a crazy road rage occurrence that honestly I’ve never witnessed before.  And this clip is something that I feel could end up on the News.  It’s just one of the right place at the right time kind of deals.  Check it out; some guy stopped his car on the highway to get out and bash another guy’s windshield.  He was using what looked like a crowbar or metal pipe or something.  The pax’s commentary is kinda funny in this video too.  We were both like “WTF!?”

Last up, I caught a yellow cab going through a red light, and getting yoinked by this police car.  This occurred after 2am, and I can’t help but think that the cabbie was a bid tired.  Too bad he didn’t see the cop two lanes across from him; because this almost assuredly resulted in a juicy ticket. 

Looks like a case of driver fatigue.  And is definitely something to prepare for when rideshare driving in NYC.

The week was filled with many interesting folks, as it usually is; however, had the opportunity to meet a real angel.  I’ll call her Angelique, for purposes of anonymity.  Didn’t get anything on dashcam video; but we had a lovely exchange about life, relationships, and running.  I mentioned to her that I wanted to run in the NYC Half-Marathon next year (as it was just last month).  And she informed me that she had completed it herself.  Angelique is going through a divorce, has two daughters, and is moving to Long Island, closer to her place of work.  

We connected on the running thing, because I really enjoy running myself.  And she has done a half- and a full marathon.  Wow.  What a lovely creature she was.  I couldn’t believe that anybody would cheat on her, and really was left feeling grateful to have picked up her up!  She changed my sourpuss mood completely around; because she’s so successful despite dealing with ending a marriage, which probably was longer than the two years my wife and I have been together.  Angelique and her significant other decided to mutually call it off.  Aside from the running advice, we also swapped book recommendations.  Suggested readings by me (or just letting he know what I’m reading at the time) include:

Again, these are the books that I’m currently reading.  Some religion, some fiction, and some entrepreneurship.  She however had a suggestion for me.  In turn, Angelique suggested:

Doubtful that I will take her up on this particular recommendation, but hey different horses for different courses, eh?  So that’s this week in a nutshell.  Some interesting pieces of media, hopefully some good stuff to take away.  And I hope to provide more of a mixed-bag format with these posts going forward; as I find the multi-media approach slightly more entertaining and/or easier to digest.  Don’t want to give off the TL;DR impression, so happy ridesharing!