5 Quotes That Will Help You Become A Better Person

J.M. here.  You’re already a fantastic person.  Let me just preface with that.  You’re a special snowflake; however, for rideshare drivers, being competent behind the wheel is a big part of the gig.  And with competence comes the responsibility of being a decent human being, right?  I’ve seen rideshare drivers in the news many times for indecent and scrupulous behavior.  In the spirit of the new year, it’s time to make a fresh start as opportunities are burgeoning.   Even if you haven’t made any resolutions yet, we can all try to become a better person/people.  Before you buckle up and “go online,” check out these Michael Crichton five quotes that relate to us universally as humans.  

Just taking a moment to digest them will be beneficial to you, because of how they can be applied to the big picture.  And perhaps with respect to rideshare driving specifically.  Okay, here we go in true New Year’s countdown fashion, five Michael Crichton quotes that will inspire you to turn over a new leaf.  And become a better individual in your own right:

5.  “In the information society, nobody thinks. We expected to banish paper, but we actually banished thought.”  –Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

This quote is like a fine wine, which matures and gets better over time.  And how relevant is it in today’s day and age too?  In the on-demand world, workers are becoming more and more autonomous (e.g., rideshare drivers are being replaced by self-driving cars), and driving has essentially become a collection of rote responses.  

  • Accept trip request:: push button
  • Navigate to destination:: push button
  • Follow turns on screen:: push pedals, turn wheel accordingly
  • Arrive at destination
  • Confirm arrival with rider::  say, “we are here, is this correct?”
  • End trip:: swipe right

And we’re on to the next pick-up.  

How does this apply? —> Read more books!  And not just crap you come across online.  I mean pick up a book and hold it in front of your face for awhile.  Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two.  I was in the car recently as a rider with Lyft, and my driver was some mindless stranger.  I felt like he had nothing special to contribute to the whole experience.  By becoming more learned, you’ll be able to keep better company.  Even if it’s just a stranger temporarily needing a lift. 

4.  Let’s be clear. The planet is not in jeopardy. We are in jeopardy. We haven’t got the power to destroy the planet – or to save it. But we might have the power to save ourselves.  –Michael Crichton, Jurassic Park

So gripping! But let’s ponder this on a deeper level.  If you’re like me, you share your vehicle with passengers for money.  We can’t control how much we’re getting paid, but we can control our own behavior, right?  I decide when and how much I want to work, as a rideshare driver.  Essentially, I have the power to create a better life for myself.  Or to “save myself” from dinosaurs  a life stuck in a vicious cycle of bills, money, stress, etc.

How does this apply? —>  Use the on-demand economy to leverage a better life/style for yourself.  The flexibility of any on-demand gig is often cited as the most desirable aspect of the work.  Don’t become a slave to driving.  Instead, empower yourself with the belief that there’s a way to make a better life.  

3. If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree. –Michael Crichton

This quote has “becoming a better person” written all over it.  How so?  Well, it’s philosophical by nature akin to “individuals that don’t know their history, don’t know their future.”  A simple way to become a better person is learning about yourself (e.g., family history, cultural background, early ancestral ways, etc.).  Last year I applied to a gig that required me to research the history of all my living and non-living extended family members; which included people like aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and siblings.  It took some digging, and ultimately was quite interesting to discover I had cousins on my dad’s side I never knew about!  

The future to becoming a better person starts with knowing the past.

How does this apply?—> Rideshare driving can be an isolating position by nature.  Connecting with others is important in developing a sense of community, which will help you become better both personally and professionally.  Start with your immediate family, and work your way outwards.  Also, use technological tools like family heritage websites, online forums, etc. to grow your network.  

2. Life is wonderful. It’s a gift to be alive, to see the sun and breathe the air. And there isn’t really anything else.  –Michael Crichton, The Lost World

For me personally, this year has started off with quite the bang.  The weather has been terrific, which is unusual for the tri-state area here.  This quote captures the beauty of life, and serves as a reminder to appreciate what you have.  Contentment is the best way to distance yourself from attachment, and will become the guiding rail on your journey to betterment.  

How does this apply?—>  I just wrote a post on being grateful for what I have, which ties hand-in-hand to this quote.  I truly believe the first step to breaking the vicious cycles of life (e.g., being in debt, living paycheck-to-paycheck) begins with appreciating what you have already.  Whether you’re a part-time or full-time rideshare driver (or just a hustler within the on-demand economy somehow), becoming a better person is fundamentally why we do what we do.  

And now the #1 Michael Crichton quote that will help you become a better person this year.  Drum roll please….

  1. All your life, other people will try to take your accomplishments away from you. Don’t you take it away from yourself.  –Michael Crichton, The Lost World

Don’t discredit yourself of your past accomplishments.  You should be your own best champion, as well as worst critique.  Either way, there are plenty of naysayers and haters in this world.  If you let them strip you of your accomplishments, it’ll only become a steeper slope to climb out of.  

How does this apply?—>  I feel like these quotes, and this one especially, all boil down to appreciating the moment that we’re in perpetually.  I think about life a lot while I’m driving, and always try to “steer” my thoughts towards the positive aspects of things.  Whenever I’m reminded of past failures or missed opportunities, I pause my thoughts.  Then I appreciate the very moment I’m, and almost immediately feel contentment and satisfaction for what I have.

So there you have it.  These quotes were courtesy of GoodReads, where you can find and connect with me and many other diligent readers.  


Finally, I have one last bonus quote which is appropriately from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (the next holiday to look forward to, until Super Bowl arrives).  It’s as follows:

Even if the world was going to end tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree today.

Keep fighting the good fight.  We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, so being appreciative and grateful for what we have is the best way to welcome in the future. 


Red delicious no doubt.