The “AirBnB for Cars”: Renting Out Your Leased Vehicle

J.M. here.  The biggest motivation behind participating in the rideshare gig is earning additional (or primary) income; however, leasing a new car just for ridesharing is a big mistake.  So I’m publicly exploring the consequences of my financial decision(s), and how I’ve made steps in correcting that blunder.  Here’s how you can potentially solve a huge “whoops!” like buying a new car just for doing ridesharing.  

It’s a well-known fact that rideshare drivers should NEVER buy a new car just to do rideshare driving with.  Paying lease payments will take a huge bite out of your profit margin every month, and car dealerships make boat-loads of money from their loan borrowers.  This was a big mistake that I personally made after just one year of driving with Uber.  Despite that many websites, online forums, and rideshare blogs urge against it.

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